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Insomnia and Sleep Problems

Sleep problems are a form of performance anxiety. Sometimes people were otherwise good sleepers but a long time abroad in a different time zone threw their old patterns out of balance, they experienced broken sleep and then developed a performance anxiety around sleep times. Other people experienced disturbed sleep as a result of on-going stress over a period of time or other underlying fears which have not been addressed. The body cannot switch off until these issues are finally resolved but the person overlooks these underlying needs and focuses instead on the fear of not getting enough and the impact this will have on the next day. Worrying interferes and the more a person worries about it, the more distracting it is for the body to switch or stay in sleep mode, and a performance anxiety is born.

Do you have?:

  • Difficulty going or staying alseep
  • Poor quality disturbed sleep
  • Dread or worry about bed times

Then we can help treat your Insomnia and Sleep Problems

Psychologist and clinical hypnotist Felix Economakis combines psychological coaching and clinical hypnosis to address both the causes and symptoms that interfere with natural patterns. In simple cases all it takes is just one session to rebalance the body’s cycles. Additional sessions may be needed if there is a lot of underlying fear or stress, in which case coaching on stress management may also be required.

Benefits of Insomnia Treatment include:

  • Waking up feeling more rested, refreshed and alert
  • Feeling like you’ve got your old self back
  • Being less irritable and tired and instead more present and focused

Contact us to cure your sleep disorder Now.

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