Exam Nerves

Sometimes your thinking brain can be hijacked by your fear centres, and this is exactly what can happen when you face an exam. The part of your brain in charge of fear is diverting neurones away from memory, reasoning and fluency and channelling them towards your muscles and other organs in preparation for flight or fight. Unfortunately worrying about worrying just makes the problem worse.

Do you:

  • Feel dread and trepidation before exams?
  • Do you avoid or procrastinate studying for exams?
  • Do you have sleepless nights prior to exams?
  • Does your mind go blank with remembering information that you know you know?

Is so, you're suffering unnecessarily with exam nerves - we can help.

Help With Exam Nerves

Psychologist and clinical hypnotist Felix Economakis has helped many dozens of people with exam nerves and peformance anxiety. He uses a multi-level approach to treating exam nerves integrating the best of psychological therapy, NLP and hypnosis for fast results, often within 1-2 sessions. His treatment approach allows you to;

  • Process and release the underlying worry fuelling the fear
  • Address the underlying self-esteem and self-confidence issues
  • Retraining the brain with useful and efficient exam strategies
  • Using clinical hypnosis to focus your mind on optimal performance & mental rehearsal of success.

Benefits of Treatment include:

  • Greater confidence, clarity & preace of mind
  • Sleeping better & feeling more rested
  • Going into a good automatic performance mode

Contact us to fix your exam nerves Now.

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