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OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

OCD seems to be linked to growing up in some kind of anxiety provoking environment, usually in childhood. The type of anxiety can vary tremendously such as bullying, being uprooted from a beloved location, being traumatised from witnessing some experience to name but a few. If you feel insecure or unsafe another part of your subconscious mind tries to compensate by ‘helpfully’ over-indulging in safety behaviours in an attempt to make you feel more safe and in control.

Unfortunately because these safety behaviours are not related and do not address the real underlying source of distress, the anxiety persists. In response, your system will just keep trying to frantically repeating the safety behaviours in a misguided effort to cap the anxiety, and the result is it gets stuck trying to fix something with the wrong tools. The cure then becomes worse than the disease.

Not sure you have OCD? Do you:

  • Feel obsessed by certain thoughts and cannot stop focusing on them (as if they are stuck on a loop?)
  • Check things over and over again to make sure they are off or locked
  • Have cleaning rituals or a fear of germs
  • Have a compulsion to make things orderly in a certain way
  • Have to count in a certain way
  • Obsessed with plucking out hair or picking spots
  • Hoard items most people would consider worthless
  • Feel the need to touch or take preventative measures in order to ward off something bad happening

Then you do - we can help

Treatment for OCD

Chartered psychologist and clinical hypnotist Felix Economakis has successfully helped many dozens of people reduce,manage or even eliminate their old OCD patterns. He combines the best of psychological therapy and clinical hypnosis to:

  • Address the underlying original source of anxiety
  • Work with the ‘OCD’ part to bring it back into the fold so it is not fighting at odds with your system but is in alignment with it
  • Coach you to manage on-going stress in your life better
  • Use clinical hypnosis to address the symptoms directly.

OCD is a difficult condition to treat and may require in the region of 8 sessions.

Benefits of Treatment:

  • Have peace of mind and greater clarity
  • Feel in control of your thoughts and body again
  • Feel more calm and confident and worry less
  • Sleep better, awaken more rested and have more energy
  • Free up lots of time to invest in other constructive activities

Contact us to cure your OCD Now.

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