Treatment for Weight Loss

Psychologist and clinical hypnotist Felix Economakis is an expert in changing the motivation, behaviours and habits of people for weight management, stopping smoking/excess drinking, addictions and recreational drug use. Felix uses an approach that does not rely on will-power but on working with your values; which is a simpler and more effective way for changing motivation. When one value becomes stronger and more powerful than another, it will dominate decision-making and weaker values. Felix will help to clarify and boost your values for greater health, self-control and  freedom.

Your subconscious mind is a powerful mechanism waiting to be mobilised but it will only respond to simple clear instructions rather than mixed messages of ‘I should lose weight one day or I want to stop eating biscuits but I also really love eating biscuits’. Once the values for being slimmer, healthier and more attractive become more powerful than the values for continuing unhealthy eating, Felix will employ clinical hypnosis to engage the power of your subconscious mind to reroute and realign your old values accordingly.

Straightforward weight loss involves just a single two hour session. Occasionally one’s relationship with food can be linked to deeper issues related to one’s upbringing and relationship to family members. In such cases, additional sessions may be required to address all the necessary variables present.

Weight Loss & Weight Management

If you suffer from any of the following, weight management using a combination of psychological hypnosis, NLP and clinical hypnosis will be of immense benefit to you:

  • Are you an emotional or comfort eater (turning to food when stressed, angry, lonley or tired)
  • Do you keep yo-yo dieting
  • Do you eat either unhealthy food or unhealthy portions of even good food, or both unhealthy food in unhealty portions
  • Seem unable to motivate yourself to eat better and raise your activity levels

Benefits of Weight Loss Treatment

Our bodies were never designed to be over-weight, being over-weight upsets the balance of your body and could lead to diabetes and insulin problems, respiratory and heart problems, pregnancy complications and certain types of cancers.

The benefits of a healthy weight include:

  • Slimmer, fitter, healthier inside and out, and look and feel more attractive
  • You will sleep better and have more energy
  • You will feel more in control and free
  • Your self-confidence will improve
  • Your relationship with a partner will improve
  • You will added quantity and quality to the years of your life

Contact us and start losing weight, Today.

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