Treatment for Anger Management

Anger is a protective emotion designed to give us a temporary power boost to fight off threats from predators and competitors. It was designed as a temporary turbo boost not as a way of life. Being angry over unimportant matters can lead to adrenal fatigue and depression. Anger can also happen as a result of underlying hurt.

Managing Anger

Do you:

  • 'Lose your cool' in certain situations?
  • Lash out with anger and then regret it afterwards but feel powerless to stop?
  • Upset or alienated people around you that you care about?
  • Gotten or almost gotten into fights over issues that in hindsight just aren't important?
  • Avoid conflict because you don't trust yourself to cope with it properly because you are afraid of your own anger?

If so, anger management will transform your life.

Powerful & Effective Treatment for Anger

Felix Economakis is highly experienced in assisting people to manage or even release their anger. He has combined the best of psychological treatments, NLP and clinical hypnosis to provide fast, effective and lasting results with all kinds of anger including:

  • Anger from communication conflicts
  • Road rage
  • Aggressive self-esteem
  • Relationship conflicts

Benefits of good Anger Management

  • You will feel calmer and more in control
  • More at peace
  • Stop fuming and start living and enjoying life more

Felix can help you to:

  • Process the underlying cause fuelling the anger
  • Assist you to focus on more accurate and positive interpretations of other people’s behaviour towards you
  • Help you to keep your cool

Contact us today and let's start making a difference.

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