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Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP is essentially a collection of solution-focused outlooks and pragmatic therapeutic techniques brought together and developed by mathematician Richard Bandler and linguist John Grinder in the 1970s. NLP was derived from their study of three master therapists:

  • Psychiatrist and clinical hypnotist Milton H.Erickson (it has an element of hypnosis)
  • Family and interpersonal therapist Virginia Satir (so it contains approaches for interpersonal communication)
  • The creator of Gestalt Therapy, Fritz Perls (so it contains the idea of different ‘parts’ acting semi-independently).

As can be seen these are quite different therapies in themselves, so NLP can be thought of as a hot pot of different strands of therapy that work in their own way and in their own right. Over time, trainers have added additional techniques to this melting pot, so that today NLP has become a vast and flexible tool kit, containing many procedures that proved themselves in the past, and yet always making room for advances or the evolution or updates of the existing approach.

The underlying principles of how the mind works, how it creates problems and solutions and how it creates motivation and learning has been applied to other fields such as sports and business.

One more thing about Bandler and Grinder was their intention to strip away any unnecessary ritual or elements to making the techniques work, leaving behind the essence of the technique in its most streamlined form. Neurolinguistic Programming has been made famous by practitioners such as Anthony Robbins, Paul Mckenna and Derren Brown.

What Conditions Can Neurolinguistic Programming Be Used For?

A skilled practitioner can apply NLP therapeutic approaches to any condition; it is about understanding the structure of a problem and experimenting with that structure until a desired outcome is achieved.

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