Depression Treatment

Depression can be a reaction to many different sorts of things not going well in your life. It can come about as a result of:

  • Untreated chronic anxiety
  • Untreated trauma or PTSD
  • Unprocessed grief and bereavements
  • Feelings of low self-worth and self-hate
  • Feeling like a fake or phoney (living an inauthentic existence)

Do You Experience:

  • Low mood or oppressive feelings (like a dark cloud weighing on you)
  • Feeling of something missing or not right
  • Incessant critical self-talk and feelings
  • Feeling sad and tearful
  • Ruminating over feelings of guilt, anger and self-punishment – 'looping' over the same things over and over again
  • Disturbed sleep – either difficulty getting or staying asleep, or oversleeping but still waking up feeling unrested
  • Feeling helpless and hopeless about the problems facing you
  • No longer enjoying the things you used to enjoy

Overcoming Depresssion

Regardless of the type of depression you are experiencing, psychologist and clinical hypnotist Felix Economakis can help assist you. Felix has combined the best of psychological treatments, NLP and clinical hypnosis to provide fast, effective and lasting results. He has successfully treated hundreds of clients for all forms of depression, often getting a complete turnaround in just 1-3 sessions with his unique blend of approaches.

The Benefits of treating your depression Include:

  • A lifting of mood – feeling more upbeat and optimistic
  • Improved self-esteem and self-confidence: accepting and respecting yourself more
  • More trust and faith in your self to cope with your problems: feeling more powerful and competent
  • Better sleep and appetite
  • Feeling like you are living and not just going through the motions

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