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Coaching is very useful in cases where there is no psychological problem as such that needs addressing, but the client would benefit from a structured solution-focused approach to address specific challenges they feel blocked on.

The coach uses a system of questioning that helps the clent identify, understand and approach their problem in a systematic goal-focused way.

Clients report benefits from:

  • The sense of support they feel with a coach (often managers or CEOs have no one to air their own concerns to)
  • A neutral forum to explore thoughts and feelings (which allows the client to reflect and answer a lot of their own questions)
  • The freedom to bounce ideas off an objective, non-judgemental listener
  • Often the coach will offer actual specific advice based from past experience
  • The coach provides a sense of accountability that gets things done.

To use an analogy, you are far more likely to gain greater results by going to the gym with a gym buddy then going alone.

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Other therapies available at The Heath

The following are just a few alternative therapies available at The Heath:

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