Eating Disorder Treatment

Problems with eating can occur for many different reasons, ranging from just bad habits, having unhealthy associations about food, to emotional or comfort eating (managing emotions such as anger, sadness or stress). Whatever the reasons might be for you, psychologist and clinical hypnotist Felix Economakis has combined the best of psychological treatments, NLP and clinical hypnosis to provide fast, effective and lasting results with all forms of eating disorders.

 Do you experience:

  • Comfort or binge eating
  • Seem unable to have healthy eating or raise your activity levels
  • Do you use laxatives or purging to control your weight
  • Do you feel your eating patterns are completely out of control

Benefits of eating disorder treatment:

  • Healthy relationship to food
  • Feel in balance and at peace with yourself
  • Tap into that motivation to increase your activity levels
  • If losing weight you will have more energy, feel slimmer, stronger, fitter, more attractive and sleep better
  • If putting on necessary weight, you will feel more robust, sexier and more confident.

Note sure? Try this eating disorder test.

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