It’s normal for people to blush on occasion, especially if your body feels hot. Problems happen when the fear of blushing actually brings on the blushing and creates a ‘loop’ or self-inflicted pattern of thought and behaviour. The problem usually starts for most people when someone commented on their blushing in the past, possibly even made a joke about it, and the blusher reacts with feeling embaressed, self-conscious, excluded or feeling different than others. The blusher tries in vain to prevent a repeat occurrence of this situation in the future by fretting or worrying about blushing. Ironically, this only serves to prolong the blushing becausee the more we think about something, the more prominent it becomes and the more present it is in our lives.

Do you:

  • Experience rapid blushing to your face, neck or chest
  • Feel self-conscious about what others think
  • Become preoccupied with thoughts about blushing around others
  • Dread and avoid occasions where you fear you will blush (eythrophobia)

Treatment for Blushing

Psychologist and clinical hypnotist Felix Economakis has combined the best of psychological treatmentsNLP and clinical hypnosis to provide fast, effective and lasting results with all kinds of blushing problems. His combination of treatments for blushing allows you to:

  • Process and release the source of anxiety fuelling the blushing in the past
  • Apply clinical hypnosis to stop or change the actual symptoms
  • Coach you with techniques for improving your underlying self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Results can be as quick as 1-4 sessions

Contact us and stop blushing Now.

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