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Recommended ARFID Practitioners

I often get asked if I have trained anyone in different cities. To date I have only offered 3 training workshops, one in Melbourne, one in Germany, and the other in London.

Of the people that attended, I stated that I would only endorse practitioners that provided video proof or observed one-session success using my 4Rs approach with ARFID.

Of these practitioners, I have personally witnessed or confirmed successful results with the following:

  • Glenn Robertson – location: Melbourne. Email:
  • Mona Hansen – location: London. Email:
  • Jackie Frazer – location: East Lothian. Email: (also featured therapist on ‘Extreme Food Phobics’ – W-Channel
  • Anthony Tait – Location: Manchester Website:

All the above are able to offer remote therapy.
I am sure other attendees have had success too but these are verified results.

For more information on how I can personally help with ARFID, contact me today on 0207 794 8730.

Felix Economakis

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