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Success With Long Covid Taste Distortion

No taste with long Covid-19

I have now worked with three different people suffering from taste distortion from long Covid.

Case 1 - The first was a middle-aged male, a friend of mine seen last year who mentioned wine, coffee and chocolate all changed drastically in taste after contracting covid. We had one session and he had a marked improvement with those foods.

Case 2 was a 15 year old girl. However in her case there was very little change although her mother did suggest it might be wrapped up with some other issues too about control.

Case 3 – 25 year old make from USA, zoom session. I actually saw him for ARFID and when he informed me that he also lost a few foods due to Covid (namely fries started to taste like burnt rubber), I also applied my taste distortion protocol in an impromptu way and he emailed back saying   “… It was crazy to taste fries again as they actually taste normal and not like burnt rubber. I had no idea you were going to help with that as well and can't thank you enough..”

  • Case 4 - Chrysti Potter
    Day 1 - Just a little update. Very very happy, although I’m probably going to get really fat! 😂
    I tried cheese and chocolate after our session. I hadn’t realised how little my sense of taste had returned after covid because I could most definitely taste them after the session!
    Coffee the next morning was still a little off, but WAY better now. Trying a lamb roast for dinner tonight, I’ll let you know how I go.
    I can also smell more, which is great 😁
    Getting a bloody cold at the moment which is not great timing, but hopefully it won’t affect my newly restored senses!!
    Day 2 - Hi Felix
    So lamb no longer smells or tastes weird! Woohoo! I’m not sure that my taste is back 100% but it’s soooo much better, and having the weirdness gone is just amazing 😁

The Future

I perceive working with long Covid as if working with a stroke. If part of the brain is ‘damaged’ then we ask the brain to re-route signals via other pathways to compensate.

For more information on how I can help with your long Covid-19 taste distortion contact me today on 0207 794 8730.

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