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What To Expect In A Therapy Session

A Client’s Experience of Therapy

I would like to talk a little bit about my basic therapy outline and what to expect in a therapy session at The Heath.

Occasionally some enquirers find it hard to believe that 'major' conditions such as depression, anxiety, phobias and other maladaptive behaviours can be treated often in just 1-3 sessions. It is possible to effect very fast and powerful changes with a strategy that makes the most impact with the least effort, and that's what I believe my strategy outline does.

In the first session I will take a brief case history, asking you:

  • What you are seeing me for
  • What are the symptoms
  • When did this problem start for you
  • What would you like to have happen instead

Then I will ask you a little bit about your background and any major events or experiences in your life. Often people will mention incidents that they think are unrelated to what they are seeing me about, but in fact might offer vital clues about treating the problem.

After the case history, the therapy strategy is very simple:

  • Create the space for change (by processing or releasing unhelpful programming that is interfering)
  • Explore helpful and adaptive strategies to put in place
  • Install these strategies (by reinforcement and ideally by using clinical hypnosis)

And that's it. The human body is fundamentally healthy and once I remove the 'spanner in the works', I find the system can 'auto-correct' very quickly. Its not me healing or realigning your system, it is your system doing that. I just remove the stuff that got attached on the way from the past. Because I work with the 'structure' of how problems are operating, I don't need to know details, just outlines of things I will ask you. Not needing to go into details saves a lot of time compared to other therapies that focus a lot on content and details.

Occasionally sessions may take longer, but I still follow the same process. I may need to revisit the first or second steps as new 'layers' may make themselves known, or sometimes clients may need more time to get to know me and trust me if that's important to them, or more time may be needed to reassure the subconscious defences that I will not be going inside blundering about and making a mess of things. But once we get going, change can be very quick.

If you live or work around the Hampstead, West Hampstead, Camden, or Barnet area then please do not hesitate to enquire further about our range of psychological, counselling and clinical hypnosis treatments. We are also located within easy transport of central London, such as St.John's Wood, Marylebone High St and Bond Street.

We’ve also been offering remote therapy (Skype / ZOOM / FaceTime / WhatsApp etc since 2007 with international clients. It is a well established and proven alternative to face-face therapy

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